The Pebble manifesto

Making a difference with cloud based data solutions is our passion. We believe our successful value delivery is a result of our mindset. To express our mindset and the values we deem to be important, we have created our own manifesto.

Value over process – our primary goal is to deliver business value. What that value is? Anything can be defined as long as it contributes to the goals of the organization. More revenue, less cost, higher margin, higher customer satisfaction, shorter time to market, less waste, happier staff, better coffee… We understand processes are in place to make organizations run smoothly. However, if we had to choose between delivering value or following strict processes, we choose value. Processes should facilitate the delivery of value, and are not a goal as such.

Skill over knowledge – in our recruitment strategy we like to use the phrase “We hire your attitude, we train your knowledge”. That says it all. We work with smart people in a knowledge intensive profession. We believe that with the right attitude, bright minds can get anything done. The knowledge of today is history tomorrow.


Partnership over contracts – when getting to know our customers and mutually decide we are going to work with each other, we create a proposal that leads to a contract to formally start working. For us, that is the start of a partnership. We understand that contracts are required to have our invoices paid and we value legal agreements regarding non-disclosure and intellectual property. However we do feel that partnership and trust are way important than contracts. If we continue to create value in good cooperation, we have an unwritten contract for life.

Work more together, have more fun, create more value – these 3 statements exactly describe what we are doing on daily basis. Working closely together with our customers we want to have fun and deliver quality results. We are doing this successfully at our current customers and are constantly looking to expand this success!