Pebble Pyramid

Pebble is a business solutions provider that is passionate about the digital transformation using our cloud, data and automation solutions. We have developed our own integrated set of solutions that are coherent and strengthen each other when applied successfully. The full suite of solutions is displayed in our own data and integration solutions platform: the Pebble Pyramid.



The base fundament of the Pebble Pyramid is the cloud platform. This is a generic layer that is not very business specific. This layer consists of the infra-as-code platform for the data and automation solutions. Keywords are CI/CD, DevOps and a software defined approach. While cloud is not a goal as such, we believe that a well-designed cloud platform is key to create more value.

Data pipelines

We are experts in creating value from data. We deliver managed data pipelines that provide you with the information that you need – when you need it. We deploy, maintain and monitor the data pipelines on our automated cloud platform. The Pebble data pipeline concept helps you to unlock the potential of your data, enabling your organization to steer based on knowledge and facts.

Integration & automation

We optimize your business through solutions that automate manual tasks and integrates data between several applications. This gives you the time to focus on what is really important: Creating business value. Eliminate the risk of manual errors and speed up your processes at enterprise scale.

Apps & insights

The real business value is generated via insights in your data. These insights can be delivered in many ways. Think of reports, dashboards or calculations. Customized to your needs in the way you prefer to see it on any available device or platform. The information that is delivered via our managed data pipelines is also the source for many other applications, whether these are consumer apps or datasets consumed in enterprise systems.